EAE Industrial E-Line DL-SL Busbar

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ELINE DL series are designed to feed luminaries, the independent double circuit in the same enclosure provides power for both mains and for emergency lighting. The system can be manufactured with up to 10 conductors (5+5), which offer flexible solutions for controlling lighting systems. It can be used to provide power to different types of industrial or decorative luminaries.

  • Advantages of ELINE DL Series
  • Arrangement of ELINE DL Busbar systems are designed with different contact arrangements.
  • ELINE DL busbars are designed so that which prevents wrong phase connection
  • Different Colour Coded Covers Indicate the Phases
  • 8 Plug-in Points are provided on a Standard 3m Length
  • Flame-proof insulation material.
  • Fast, Easy and Secure Assembly

"Multi-conductor Lighting Busbar System"

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  • Current ratings: 25A, 32A or 40A
  • Ingress Protection class IP 55
  • ELINE DL can be provided upto 10 conductors
  • Conductors are fully tin plated and insulated
  • Two independent circuits within the same enclosure
  • Plug-in tap off point at every 75 cm on both sides as standard
  • Combinations of different number of conductors: 2+2, 2+4, 4+4, 3+3, 3+5, 5+5. Up to a maximum of 10 conductors (5+5)
  • Clean Earth option
  • 10A single-phase plugs without fuse with 1m cable
  • 16A single-phase plugs with terminals with 5x20 mm fuse holders
  • 16A Three phase plugs with terminals (without fuse)