Imesa MCM series with folding system Ironing

  • Imesa


  • Frontal linen entry & exit
  • PLC control, up to 128 Programs
  • Big touch screen allowing to set folding configuration & linen exit side (frontal or rear)
  • Ironing temperature & speed electronic control.
  • Two independent working line.
  • cooling down.
  • Temperature/speed automatic compensation.
  • Two emergency stops.
  • Hand safe bar.
  • Ironing belt in NOMEX (high temperature resistance)
  • Two big collecting tables, that can be pushed against the machine if not used.

"MCA can dry and iron with one simple operation without the need of a tumble dryer"

IMESA drying ironers MCM have been designed to satisfy the needs of hotels, restaurants, retirement homes, hospitals and any other facility that needs fresh cleaned and ironed linen.

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Technical Specifications

Model MCM 2500 PF 502mm roller roller length2500mm
Model MCM 2800 PF 502mm roller roller length2800mm
Model MCM 3200 PF 502mm roller roller length3200mm

  • Vacuum introduction table.
  • Automatic feeder.