Metod Makina Semi-Professional Curing Ovens With Conveyor Dry Process Machine

  • Metod Makina


  • Thermo-block (Heating Unit) was mounted to the back side of the oven. There is a burner system in the heating unit, which turns the fuel into flame and exchanger system is made from stainless steel, turns the flame into heat and also fan system dispatches the heating air through the oven.
  • The surface of the panels inside the oven is made from 1 mm Galvanize Sheet Metal, and the surface of the panel outside the oven is made from 1 mm Painted DKP Sheet Metal.
  • There is an insulation material between the panels consists of the mixture of rock wool and glass wool preventing the loss of the heat.
  • The air canals in the oven are specially produced from galvanize sheet and designed in order to distribute the heating air homogeneously through the oven.
  • The carrying capacity of unit burden on the conveyor is 140 kg/m. There are 600 mm gaps between the each trolleys. 4 jeans easily can be hung in every 600 mm gap on the conveyor.
  • In this system, the electrical materials using in the control box are Siemens or Tele mechanic.
  • Heat balance in the oven can be easily adjusted by taking the heating measurement from one point of the oven.
  • According to the temperature in the oven, burner system cuts out and exhaust system cuts in automatically.
  • By this way the heating balance in the oven can be controlled and also prevented maximum energy consumption.

"Allows easy usability, high production capacity and low operational costs"

The conveyor system is the mechanism called by Webb Type ( I – Beam Type). The conveyor trolleys mounted on the chain are freely move on the NPI 80-100 profile. 

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