Metod Batch / Box Type Curing Oven - Gas Heating IDOT-Sample Industrial Dry Processing Machines

  • Metod Makina
  • The heating unit is made of stainless steel 
  • The heating system is provided by Natural Gas, Diesel or LPG
  • The burning chamber is separated and insulated inside the oven (no flame, fire, soot, Hack, pollution, dust)
  • Special air ducts and blowing vents inside the oven in order to assure homogeneous distribution of hot air 
  • The oven can be easily installed and used on a plain ground
  • The rail system on the floor of the oven allows an easy entrance and movement
  • The oven reaches to set temperature (around 150o C-160o C) at start-up within 25-30 minutes
  • The maximum temperature difference' between all the points inside the oven is 30oC
  • The automatic temperature limiter is activated so that the set temperature remains constant
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10-12 Onz denim pants per load with hanger (apparatus)

450 pcs pants/24 hours (based on 20 min.) 

Max. electricity consumption per hour

1.12 kw/h (gas heating) 

24.12 kw/h (electrical heating)

Total power of resistance group

24 kw

Max natural gas consumption per hour

4 m3/h

Total heat circulation fan capacity

1.500m3/h-0.75 kw/h

Burner and origin

Uret/ Turkey

Max. oven temperature


Temperature controller

Thermostat control


Firing unit: Entirely stainless steel
Others: Galvanised sheet metal

Burner control

Data control




Max +/-30C between top and bottom of the garment. It is shown to the customer with a computerised system.