Metod Makina Professional type Automatic Curing Ovens with conveyor Dry Process Machine

  • Metod Makina
  • The inner part of heating unit is made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Air canals are located on the base of oven
  • Measurements taken from 7 different points of the oven are indicated on the control panel in digital form
  • The temperature of each point is controlled and seen by the operator easily 
  • The burner operation is cut in and out by the control panel according to the average values of measured temperatures within the oven
  • Specially designed Cardan Shaft model conveyors
  • Trolleys on monorail is freely moving and running while the gap between the jeans hung is 400 mm
  • The engine of the gear drive system is low revolution DC and reduction gear type
  • The conveyor speed can be changed by the frequency adjustment device (0.5 m/min — 3 m/min)
  • Curing time can be adjusted according to the process requirements
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10-12 Onz denim pants per load with hanger (apparatus)

8 pcs pants/24 hours (based on 20 min.) 

Max. electricity consumption per hour

15-17.5 kw/h

Max. natural gas consumption per hour


Total heat circulation fan capacity


Burner and origin

Weishaupt W2G0 Gas Burner/Germany

Max. oven temperature


Temperature controller

Touch screen-PLC control


Firing unit: Entirely stainless steel
Others: Galvanised sheet metal

Hanger type

80 T-type Conveyor hangers

Conveyor type

Drive shaft special conveyor

Conveyor length/Inside of the oven

29-33 mm/17mm

Burner control

Data control from PLC

Speed range of the conveyor



Max +/-30C between top and bottom of the garment. It is shown to the customer with a computerised system.