JUKI LZ-271 Zig zag Stitching Machine

  • JUKI


  • Beautifully finished seams and a wide range of applications.
  • The zigzag width can be as large as 12mm.
  • Consistent, fine-quality seams.

"1-Needle, Embroidering Sewing Machine"

Beautifully finished seams free from needle swaying or material breakage are assured every time.

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Technical Specifications

 Technical Specifications - LZ-271
 Applications Embroidering on light-, medium- and heavy-weight materials
 Sewing speed Max. 2,000 sti/min* (with a zigzag width is as large as 10 mm)
Normal 1,700 sti/min* (with a zigzag width is as large as 12 mm)
 Needle bar stroke  33.4 mm
 Zigzag width  0 ~ 12mm
 Zigzag width regulating method  Using the jut-type knee lifter with the zigzag width pointer released
 Material handling area on the machine  270 mm (from the needle entry to the bottom of the arm)