JUKI LZ-2290A Series Zig zag Stitching Machine

  • JUKI


  • Wider space under the arm
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased feed amount
  • The maximum zigzag width: 10mm

"Computer-controlled, Direct drive, High-speed, 1-Needle,Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine"

The machine is provided with many different stitching patterns

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications - LZ-2290A Series
Max. sewing speed 5,000rpm
(For standard zigzag stitching, the zigzag width has to be set to 4mm or less.)
Max. zigzag width Standard zigzag, 2-step zigzag, 3-step zigzag: 10 mm (in increments of 0.1 mm)
 Needle throw mechanism  Computer-controlled
 Max. feeding amount  5 mm / 2.5 mm
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 5.5mm/By knee: 10mm
Thread take-up Rotary type
Number of patterns for standard stitching 8 types / 14 patterns
Custom pattern memory capacity Internal memory - Max. 20 patterns / 10,000 stitches
Extended memory - Max. 999 patterns / 499,500 stitches
Max. number of stitches 500 stitches / pattern
Bobbin thread winder Built-in machine head
Distance from needle to machine arm 300 mm
Bed size 517 mm x 178 mm