JUKI DLM-5400N-7 Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine

  • JUKI


  • The knife is capable of cutting any kind of material regardless of its thickness or toughness, including heavy-weight material, elastic material and brushing material.
  • The one-touch utility knife lever enhances the comfort of operation.
  • Sure thread trimming mechanism.
  • Adjustment of the position of the cloth trimming knife.

"Lockstitch Machine with Vertical Edge Trimmer and Automatic Thread Trimmer"

With its highly operable knife mechanism, the machine helps promote the production of upgraded-quality products while increasing efficiency.

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Technical Specifications

 Technical Specifications - DLM-5400N-7
 Max. sewing speed 4,500rpm
 Feed system  Bottom-feed
 Max. stitch length  4mm (normal/reverse feed)
Needle bar stroke  30.7mm
 Lift of the presser foot  By hand: 5.5mm, By knee: 10mm
 Hook  Automatic-lubricating full-rotary hook
 Max. thickness of the material to be cut  4mm