JUKI DDL-8000AS Direct Drive Semi Dry Head Single Needle Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine With Thread Trimmer

  • JUKI

The DDL-8000AS is a lockstitch machine commonly used in factories. It has an automatic thread trimmer which reduces manual effort. The digital operating panel makes it easy to manage sewing data and produces consistent seams.

  • The dry-head technology of the DDL-8000A-MS eliminates the need for lubrication of the frame
  • DDL-8000A-MS’s oil-stain preventive safety feature improves the quality of finish
  • Improved accessibility with the voice guide provided with the LCD control panel
  • DDL-8000A-SH is designed to handle heavy-weight materials.
  • Product includes stand, table and motor
  • Maximum sewing speed of 5,000 stitches per minute for the DDL-8000A-MS and 4500 stitches per minute for the DDL-8000A-SH
  • Stitch length of up to 5mm
  • Improved production support with the control panel display.
  • Target number of products, number of products produced and the operating rate of the machine are displayed on the panel
  • The DDL-8000AS-MS lockstitch machine’s semi-dry head-type frame eliminates oil stains on the finished material
  • Minute quantity lubrication is used in the DDL-8000AS-SH
  • USB port improves ease of management of sewing data
  • Backlight of the operating panel turns off after a set period of inactivity (1-20 minutes)

Improves efficiency with the adjustable brightness of the LED hand light

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Model Name








Minute quantity lubrication

Max. sewing speed

5000 stitches per minute*

4500stitches per minute*

Max. stitch length


Lift of the presser foot

By hand: 5.5mm, Auto: 8.5mm

Lubricating oil

JUKI Machine Oil 7 (equivalent to ISO VG7)


DB×1(#11) #9~18 (Nm65~110)

DB×1(#21) #20~23 (Nm125~160)

Power consumption