iShark-Mart Plotter i9-170

  • iShark-Mart
  • ISHARKMART Cutting Plotter SERIES are fully equipped with advance technologies.
  • It has a low maintenance and it is extremely Simple which makes it easy to Operate and maintain.
  • ISHARK Plotter series promises about Superior Plot Quality at high Speeds and Faster TAT.
  • Long-Lasting and Easy- to- use ISHARK Ink Cartridge makes it highly Durable and Reliable.
  • We have two series here i9-170/220and i7-190/220 where i9 holds both a Pen and a Blade.
  • The Pen is for plotting and detailing graded patterns with seams,text,notches etc.
  • The Blade is to make the perforated cut of the pattern outline.
  • The tool is automatically switched for cutting & Plotting.
  • We have mere Plotting solution as well in the form of i7 with two different Width sizes i.e. 1900mm & 2200mm.
  • It is backed up by the Superior ISHARK warranty and services.

Extremely simple and reliable cutting & plotting equipped with advance technologies.

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